Phone Numble

Overview Of The Phone Numble Wordle Game

As the game title implies, the Phone Number Wordle game is a variant of the world-famous word-guessing game Wordle. Although both games apply guessing gameplay, this spin-off challenges players to figure out a secret phone number instead of an English word.

Initially, it looked more complicated than the original version. The reason is that the hidden word contains 5 letters only, while the hidden phone number includes 10 numbers. However, the game is still enjoyable, with many provided hints and more allowed guesses.

How To Play Phone Numble Wordle

You will have ten numbers from 0 to 9 given in advance. Your mission is to combine all the numbers into a complete phone number based on the US format and match the secret answer of the game.

To form your potential phone number, you can use the virtual line of numbers on the screen or use your physical keyboard. You can put the numbers in any cell as you want and press Enter to submit your guess. Since you will have 8 tries rather than 6 tries, like in the Wordle game, you can test more possible combinations.

Spotting the precise phone number in your first guess is as difficult as winning a lottery prize. For this reason, let’s consider the first try a waste to get hints from the game.

What Are The Hints In The Game?

If you are familiar with the Wordle game’s hints, you can also understand how the hints in the Numble Wordle game work. On the contrary, if this is your first time playing a Wordle-like game, here are the descriptions of hints:

  • The gray color represents the wrong guess. If any number goes gray, it means that they don’t appear in the hidden phone number.
  • If the number goes yellow, it indicates that the yellow number shows up in the secret phone number, but you must put it in another position.
  • The green color is the demonstration for a perfect guess. If you have a green number, just leave it in a fixed position, making it green.
  • Honestly, the Phone Phone Number game is even easier than the Wordle game thanks to the colored hints and fewer digits (10 digits compared to 26 letters in the Wordle game). You can rule out and avoid using all the gray numbers, so you can eliminate all the irrelevant numbers from the gray ones.

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