What’s Pixletters?

The Pixletters game is a unique and novel take on the same old Word game format. It offers fewer tries to guess the word but more information for each try in the form of pixels changing colors. This new play style ensures that people bored with Wordle will be stimulated more.

Aside from the usual daily challenges, you can also try out the PLUS mode, where pixels’ colors are in either columns or rows. Of course, an arrow will let you know the direction.

How To Play The Pixletters Game

The game's main goal stays the same as Wordle and all other Word games: to guess a word. You have a total of five tries to arrive at the correct answer.

After you guess, the letters will be changed to colored pixels. If the letter is in its correct spot, all the pixels are colored blue. If the letter is wrong, the pixels on the top layer will change. More specifically, if the pixels are in the correct spot, they turn green. Otherwise, they turn red.

The rest of the letters’ pixels are turned gray, signifying that they are unknown for now.

Tips To Play Pixletters

One of the most exploitable gameplay mechanics is that you can see a new layer of pixel-changing colors with each try. As a result, it’s usually much better to use the first two or three tries as an experiment. If you can guess it right, good; otherwise, you get more information for subsequent guesses.

Another great tip is to always start with as many vowels as possible. After all, there are only five vowels, and they appear in every single word. Using a starting word with two or three vowels can significantly narrow down your workload in finding the correct word.

You should also make use of a pen and some paper. In Pixletters and most Word games, getting old school helps tremendously. When you jot down all the available information, you get more clarity on what to do.

There is no denying that Pixletters offers an interesting alternative to the same old Word game formula. You have more of an agenda figuring the word out using the pixel placement. It also adds another layer of depth in the PLUS and PRO modes, allowing even veterans of Word games to enjoy.

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