A Quick Outlook Of The Plusword Game

Plusword is a puzzle game developed by Daniel Peake. The legendary Crossword game inspires the game, so you can notice the layout of the Crossword game applied in this version. However, instead of the long-letter word like the original version, Plusword only challenges players with five-letter English words.

The special feature of the Plusword game is the additional word to solve after you find all the Across and Down words. According to the game’s rules, the extra word will be formed from one of the letters in the Across and Down words.

You can guess the plus word immediately after spotting some possible hints. Yet, you must finish all the Across and Down words to submit your guess.

Plusword Game Playing Tutorial

You can enter your answer by typing on their physical keyboards or tapping the virtual keyboard on the devices’ screens.

On the right corner of the word table, you will see a list of descriptions of the hidden word. The descriptions in the Across section are for the hidden words in the rows (the horizontal order). On the other hand, the descriptions in the Down section will give hints about the secret words in the columns or vertical order.

The unique feature that differentiates Plusword from other word-guessing games is that the game won’t tell you whether your guess is correct or not. Consequently, it will be harder to eliminate the irrelevant words to reach the final extra word.

Although the game is designed to be more difficult, it doesn’t mean you won’t get any hints.

Hints In The Plusword Game

In each Plusword game, the system will give you some random square boxes colored yellow or green. Of course, the colored boxes will give you hints to find the extra secret word.

The green boxes indicate that the letters contained in them are also included in the additional word, and the position of the letter in the extra word will stay the same as in the green boxes.

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Furthermore, the yellow boxes also contain the correct letters in the extra word, but the position of the letters in the extra word will be different.

Notably, the hints only appear when you guess the Across and Down words containing the colored boxes correctly. Or else the hints will mislead you about the precise answer.

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