About Pokedoku

Pokedoku is a puzzle game in which players must precisely spot the exact hidden Pokemon with related features. If you are a huge fan of guessing games, you will definitely find this title similar to the famous Wordle. However, you will indulge in the fantastic Pokemon world with many details related to the fictional animals in the game.

In this game, you will have 9 allowed guesses to spot the exact hidden Pokemon. Notably, 9 guesses will be equal to 9 secret Pokemon, so you literally have only one guess for one Pokemon, which is a hard-core challenge for every player.

In other words, you must submit only the correct answer for each guess to win. With only one wrong answer, you can’t solve the entire game. Yet, your performance is still counted and evaluated separately with the correctly guessed Pokemon.

Pokedoku Game Play Tutorial

Pokedoku will challenge you with a 3x3 grid, in which the section of the column must match the section of the row. For instance, the Pokemon in the first spot of the first row must be the one between the flying and steel types.

Similarly, the Pokemon in the first position of the second row must be the one in the flying type with its form of the Middle Evolution.

You can make your guess by pressing in the blank square in any spot of the grid but not following any order. After choosing a blank square, the “Search Player” box will pop up; you have to click the box and type the potential Pokemon’s name matching the features in the box.

You don’t have to remember the whole name because the game will give you a drop-down list of names with letters relevant to your choice. Remember that only one guess is provided for one Pokemon, so choose carefully.

Trick For The Pokedoku Game

Unfortunately, Pokedoku doesn’t offer players any in-game hints. For this reason, you must rely on help from external sources, like the Pokewiki website or other Pokemon fan-made forums. Although you have only 9 guesses for a Pokedoku game, you can spend up to 24 hours to solve the game. A new challenge only appears the next day.

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