Pokemon Wordle

Pokemon Wordle: Reconnect With Your Favorite Characters

Pokemon Wordle, designed by Nathan Fretz and inspired by the wordle game, is a tribute to loyal fans of the famous animated series of Pokemon. The game brings nostalgic experiences of the youth days through the fantastic first generation.

Unfortunately, it is never easy to have a great reunion. The game challenges players to use their strategic thinking to decode hidden Pokemon. To meet your favorite friend again, log in to the game and let your skill do its work now!

How To Play Pokemon Wordle Game

One of the biggest plus points of Pokemon Wordle is the eye-catching interface. The game begins as you tap on the PokeBall, and a board filled with all Gen 1 shows up. The nostalgia is truly overwhelming, isn't it?

However, do not get too submerged into the memories because you have a mission at hand - search out a target creature of the day. From the get-go, you might not have any ideas, but then each of your inputs guides you toward the correct answer.

Stay focused since you have a lot of information to work with, including:

  • Type and EvC (Evolution Chain): If your guess goes right, the term turns green; otherwise, it turns red.
  • ATT (Attack), DEF (Defence), HT (Height), and WT (Weight): If any of these characteristics matches the hidden creature, a tick shows up below the corresponding category. An up or down arrow indicates the difference.
  • Once you notice your input transforming to yellow, congratulations! You are very close to the result since the mystery Pokémon is in that Evolution Tree. The game continues to filter the collection based on what you know about Type and Evolution Tree (EvC).

    Suppose you enter GLOOM, which belongs to type GRASS, POISON, and possesses 3 EvC. Unfortunately, it is not the accurate answer. The system automatically grayed out all options with those same properties, giving you a clue as to who the mystery friend is!

    Additionally, the hidden Pokemon will soon attack you with its unique power. This way, you have extra clues to point out its identity.

    But don’t let those hints fool you - mastering this challenge is not as easy as it seems. Remember, you only have 6 turns to identify the creature of the day. While there are 135 creatures, narrowing it down to one can be quite a task.

    However, trust your knowledge and maximize your strategic thinking skills. It is time to meet your adorable friends again and have a blast together!

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