Polygonle: A Combination Of Shapes And Letters

Polygonle takes the Wordle game to the next level, designed for players seeking a more thought-provoking gameplay experience. With added support and delightful surprises for your daily challenges, it's a game that not only tests your cognitive abilities but also expands your language association, bringing new dimensions to the table. Dive into the game rules and give it a try today!

How To Play Polygonle Game

Opt For Your Favorite Mode

A big plus point of Polygonle is its variety of game modes. The basic format, called Daily Wordle, limits the keyword length from 6 to 8 characters, including at least one repetition. You only have one puzzle per day, and new ones appear at local midnight.

If you are looking for something simpler for your leisure hours, go for Mini, where the mystery words consist of only 5 letters. In contrast, the Unlimited mode provides an extreme mental challenge. As its name suggests, the puzzle comes one after another, including previous and new ones, to satisfy your thirst for victory.

The Custom mode is a special treat for those who want to create a puzzle of their own. You can now design the puzzle and decide how it works according to your preference.

Set The Difficulty Level

Tap on the gear icon in the screen's upper left corner to customize your challenge's difficulty. The game offers three settings: Hard, Expert, and Hexpert.

The first option requires you to use all revealed hints for your next attempts. In Expert mode, players have to follow the pattern of shape given. For example, if you have two green triangles next to each other indicating repeated letters, inputs like "borrower" or "missions" satisfy the requirements while "sunshine" or "rainbow" do not.

The Hexperent is a hybrid between the two mentioned above. In other words, it activates all the barriers to make your game harder than ever.

Input Your Guess

After finishing all the settings, go to the grid and enter any word to start. Keywords and their length change daily, further refining your language and reasoning abilities.

You can enter guesses from the keyboard or enable the multi-cursor. This feature allows you to fill in any square in any order. Then, move to other empty positions using the mouse cursor or arrow keys.

Figure Out The Hints

As soon as you enter the game, you get a big hint - the arrangement of shapes. It shows the number of characters in the mystery keyword, the repeated letters, and their location.

During the game, each of your inputs also provides useful hints. Polygonle inherits Wordle's signature color scheme to evaluate your guess. Here is the clear meaning of the colored tiles:

  • Green shows that you've put the correct letter under its shape.
  • Yellow indicates the wrong spot of the letter. You'd better move it to another place to turn it green.
  • Gray means the character does not belong to the final result.
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