What is Polyordle?

The familiar “dle” ending will remind players of the globally famous word-guessing game Wordle. This is understandable because the Polyordle game is a re-made version of Wordle with more in-game features.

In Wordle, players must figure out a 5-letter English word within six guesses from the provided alphabetical letters. You must accomplish the same mission in the Polyordle game but with five letters simultaneously. Yet, you can guess as many times as you want, but not only six tries.

How To Play The Polyordle Game?

You can guess the secret words in the Polyordle game by typing in whatever word popping up in your mind to get some clues. Don’t forget to press “Enter” to submit your potential words. One word you guess will be applied for all of the five blank spots at once.

Like Wordle, Polyordle will provide you with colored hints to reach the final keys more easily:

  • The green color is an indication of a perfect choice.
  • The yellow color shows you that the letter should be repositioned.
  • The white color means that the letter is not in the solution word.
  • Game Modes Of Polyordle

    #1 Classic Mode

    In classic mode, you will play the game following the above rules.

    #2 Speed Mode

    You must solve the secret words as fast as possible. No matter how many guesses you make, you must complete the game within the least time.

    #3 Perfect Mode

    You will start the Perfect mode by pressing “Enter.” One valid secret word will be counted for you, which will be a hint for the other four words. If you get the next two tries wrong, the third try will turn gray to erase all of your prior hints.

    Under the gray row, you have only one guess left to figure out at least one out of four left words. If you can’t, you lose the game.

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