What's Primel?

In 2022, DL Miller created Primel, a guess-the-number game inspired by the classic word-guessing Wordle game. There were also traces of the Wordle clone created by Hannah Park. He used a prime number collection from the University of Tennessee for the game's database.

Many people believed that finding a prime number was easy. However, this new game has proven them wrong since its inception. Despite only asking the players to work with 10 digits, it still requires a lot of effort and time to win. Of course, it also allows the winners to share their success with their circles.

The Primel game cleverly infuses a new mathematics challenge into the same old Wordle-like gameplay. As a result, it offers a novel and delightful method to exercise your prime number knowledge. You also get a chance to test your logical reasoning and discover a novel but playful mathematical application.

How To Play Primel

When you access the Primel home page, you will be welcomed with a familiar layout of 5 empty boxes. However, Primel doesn't ask you to fill these boxes with letters to form a word like the classic Wordle game. Instead, it asks its players to put in numbers.

These numbers should together form a prime number with 5 digits. In other words, you can't just put in any number that you like. As you may know, prime numbers with 5 digits are hard to figure out, and you have only 6 tries. That is why this game is good for someone looking for a mental challenge.

When you enter your guess, the game will return color-coded hints to tell you how well you have done. For example, a green box means the digit is at the exact place it needs to be. On the other hand, if its correct placement is elsewhere, it turns yellow. Grayed out means the digit doesn't appear in the number.

Tips To Play Primel

Unlike the Wordle game, where you have 26 letters to work with, the Primel game only asks you to work with 10 digits, from 0 to 9. As such, our first tip is to start with something strong, a prime number that has as many unique digits as possible. A good example is 10937 or 10973, which will tell you useful information about half of the digits.

If you can chain this number with another one that has many different digits, like 68501, you have basically cracked the case open. From then on, you just need to take into account the hints. If a digit is grayed out, don't use it again. Doing so allows you to eliminate many possibilities and get closer to the answer.

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