An Overview Of The Puckdoku Game

Puckdoku is a puzzle game that requires logical thinking and a decent knowledge of a specific area. The unique feature of this title is that it is all about professional Hockey players. Therefore, the game can be considered a puzzle game specially developed for Hockey fans.

It is designed with a 3x3 or the 3-column and 3-row layout. In each column and row, you can find the logo of a random professional NHL team, the statistics about a player, or his achievements during his career. Your mission is to pick a player’s name who matches the figure filled in both rows and columns.

Playing Tutorial Of The Puckdoku Game

You will start the Puckdoku game with a 3x3 grid with the logos of NHL teams and the statistics about a secret player listed on the top of the columns and the rows. Besides, you will have 9 allowed guesses, equivalent to 9 “shots,” to figure out who the hidden NHL player of the game is.

First, you will tap or click a square box in the grid to open the guessing box. Once the guessing box pops up, you will type the possible player’s name in it and press Enter to submit.

If your choice is wrong, a “shot” will be subtracted. Notably, you can only guess a player once throughout the game. Besides, you can’t alter your guess after submitting it whether your guess is true or false.

Some Notes When Playing The Puckdoku Game

  • Sometimes, you may see a cell containing both a team logo and the player’s award or statistics. In this case, the award or statistics demonstrate the player’s performance while he still played for the team.
  • If the player moves to another team during the middle of the season, the game system won’t combine his statistical evaluation with the team he plays for.
  • A streak is the most honorable award in the Puckdoku game. You can only attain a streak after solving all 9 hidden square boxes within one game.
  • Some past NHL teams may have been integrated with another team, so in this case, the player’s statistics and achievements for the former team will be counted for the newly integrated team.
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