Quardle Introduction

Wordle's signature color scheme system has opened a new era for word-guessing games. The settings increase the difficulty and fun through multi-tasking.

However, most options inherit the original format, creating frustrating repetition for users. The good news is that Quardle was born to rock the Internet. Scroll down to learn what's new.

What Is Quardle?

As a member in the Wordle universe, Quardle received a warm welcome from the crowded community. And its novel game rules have succeeded in building its own fame in players' minds. Four secret keywords level up your experience many times over its predecessor.

Advanced players now have found a new target for their remarkable achievements with word-guessing games. Certainly, Quardle is not an easy title to conquer, as the junctions may derail you from the right track.

How To Play Quardle Game

Most of the operations on Quardle's interface come from the virtual keyboard that appears as soon as you log in. The system provides 12 turns to solve four hidden keywords.

The first thing to do is to choose a word for your guess by pressing one of the keys from 1 to 4. Yet, after each input, you get hints for all three remaining keywords.

As for Wordle, the tiles change color to evaluate the accuracy of your answer. Green indicates that the letter is 100% correct, while yellow suggests a position change in the current keyword.

Some squares may be converted to gray but come in different outlines. The green border implies that the character should move to other words in the puzzle with the same spot. A yellow border points to a different position in a new keyword.

Expert Tips To Master Quardle

Learn From The Lessons In Wordle

As an inheritance from Wordle, all the useful tips you accumulated from previous games make sense with Quardle. For example, the best-starting words are AUDIO, SAUTE, SALET, etc., giving you many eliminations and promising smooth first attempts.

In simple terms, you can practice this game as a single version of Wordle in four go. Do not hesitate to use your rich skills to get close to victory.

Divide Your Attention Even

A wealth of experience accounts for half your chances of winning, while the rest depends on your resource allocation. An important lesson is never to focus on a certain keyword until it unlocks.

Experts often work hard with ambiguous words instead of clear ones. This method allows you to expand your pool of abilities and reach the finish line before your turn runs out.


Though crosswords seem like a thing of the past, Quardle has arrived with a stimulating setting to breathe new life into the game forums. One thing is for sure: you have both the fun and the stress in one go. Do not let setbacks discourage you on your first attempts. Take advantage of our tips and dare to try again!

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