About Quettale

"Lord of the Rings" is one of the most reputable fictional novels and movie series of all time, and the brand's revenue is up to billions of dollars. The fictional world in the series is Middle-Earth. In the series, the primary mythical language is the Quenya language.

So, you can now partly know what Quettale is about. The puzzle game runs on the word source from the imaginary Quenya language.

The game also borrows the idea and gameplay from the million-player word game Wordle. The Wordle game challenges players to pick the hidden English word of the game precisely within 6 tries. Simply put, Quettale is also a wordle game that uses the Quenya language.

How To Play The Quettale Game

Quettale also comes with a graphic resembling the one from the Wordle game. However, the layout of the keyboard has more strange letters that you may have not seen in ordinary life. The game only accepts words constructed from the Quenya rules, so some common English words are not valid here.

You can still form your word guess via your casual keyboard, but the word formation must follow the rules of the game. Honestly, the Quenya rules are too complicated to display in the article, so we will introduce you to some common rules:

  • Long vowels in the Quenya language will be formed by double-typing the same vowel in the real-life language, for instance, type "aa" to get “á” or “ee” to get "é."
  • Quenya's short vowels will stay the same as those of the real-world vowels: u, e, o, a, i.
  • Diphthong in the Quenya will be: oi, iu, ui, ai, eu, au.
  • You don't have to use the letters "Z" and "J" because they don't exist in the Quenya language. Also, the letter "K" will be replaced by "C".
  • There are many more new rules in the Quenya language that you must learn from external sources on the Internet. Or, you can rely on a Quenya translator when playing the game.

    Hints In The Game

  • Green letters are those included in the hidden word, and you have put them correctly in the guessed word.
  • Yellow is for letters also contained in the solution word, but their positions must be altered in the subsequent guess.
  • Letters not included in the secret word will turn gray.
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