An Overview Of The Quintessential Game

Wordle is a legendary word-guessing game that consists of a hidden word and requires players to find it by arranging the given alphabetical letters. Despite having a simple graphic, this title has always had a stable position on the list of million-player puzzle games among the player community.

Since Wordle is a considerable success in the gaming industry, many game developers also opt for the same formula to pursue their own achievements with Wordle-like versions. Among them, the Quintessential game stands out with distinctive gameplay from the original version.

In this variant, players will have to solve five secret words, not only one like in the Wordle game. The mission seems to be more complicated, but it is much easier than you might think. While the original game offers players 6 tries to figure out the word, Quintessential grants you unlimited guesses to find all 5 words. However, the fewer guesses you use, the better your performance will be evaluated.

How To Play The Quintessential Game?

In this version, you don’t have to type in the whole word like with the Wordle game. Specifically, it will display a grid of 25 random letters, some of which appear more than once. You will drag those letters from their places to other spots to form a correct word.

Moreover, the colored hints, like in the Wordle game, appear in advance in random spots. If a letter is colored green, it will stay in a fixed position, and you can’t move it anywhere. You can only adjust the position of the yellow and uncolored letters.

If a letter is colored yellow, it means that it is in the row but stays in a different spot. On the other hand, the precise position of uncolored letters can be anywhere in the grid except for the position of the green ones. You win the game only when all the tiles go green.

Is The Quintessential Game Unlimited?

The Quintessential game is really simple and quick to solve, so the developer inserted the “Random Game” mode for players to enjoy unlimited games. You can activate the feature by clicking the Setting icon and choosing “Random Game.”

This mode is a great training ground for practicing before challenging yourself with more difficult spin-offs of Wordle Unlimited.

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