Brief Look At The Quolture Game

Let’s be honest: we all fancy a TV series or a movie at least once in our lives. Apart from spending hours on the entertaining shows, you may also collect merchandise related to them. And some huge fans even remember iconic quotes from the movies or TV series. Now, you can check how deep you are into TV series and films by playing the Quolture game.

This title is a puzzle game challenging players to precisely spot which movies, TV shows, or TV series the quotes in the game belong to.

If you are already a fan of guessing games, you will definitely find that it is a variant of the wordle game but with a modified guessing object. While Wordle requires players to find its hidden five-letter English word, Quolture will question you with quotes taken from a movie, TV show, or TV series.

How To Play The Quolture Game?

The game is super simple to play. At first, you will start your game with a quote from a movie. The quote is given in advance, right below the green boxes. What are the green boxes? We will explain this in the next section.

Your mission is to make a guess by filling in a possible movie’s name in the blank boxes beneath the quote. You will win when the name is the correct movie that the quote is cited from. Particularly, you will have unlimited tries to figure out which movie it is.

Once you manage to finish the puzzle about the movie, you will move on to the hidden name of the TV show or TV series. In this case, you can play similarly to when handling the first task.

Decode The Hints

Unlike the original Wordle game, giving players hints via the colors, Quolture will offer more direct hints.

Two green boxes will give you direct clues about the secret name. The box on the left will deliver a sentence related to the movie, and the box beside the blue box will give you the answer.

If you want to win the game by yourself, you can rely on more small hints from the blue box with the plus sign. When you press the Plus sign, a letter from the secret name will be displayed in a blank spot. And you can also check the answer just by pressing the blue box until it fills all the blank spaces.

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