What Is Qwertle?

Qwertle is a one of the word games resembling some features of the worldwide recognized wordle. So, you can also consider this title as a Wordle variant.

Since being a puzzle game like its original version, Qwertle also applies the word-guessing gameplay. However, some modifications have been introduced to make the game fun and exciting. Players still have to spot a hidden English word in the game, but hints and rules in this version will differ from those in Wordle.

As comes from its name, players will need to rely on the physical connection of the QWERTY keyboard to have a precise guess in the game. In other words, hints about the secret word will be delivered to you under the positions of the letters on the keyboard layout.

How To Play The Qwertle Game?

You can make a guess in the Qwertle game just by filling a valid five-letter English word into the blank row of the grid and press Enter to submit. After you submit your guess, the game will provide you with clues.

You will have six guesses to figure out the hidden word of the game. Besides, the number of games you can enjoy daily will depend on your chosen game mode. If you opt for the Daily mode, you can play one Qwertle challenge per day. After six guesses, you will have to wait until the next day for a new game.

On the other hand, if you go for the Practice mode, you can enjoy the Qwertle game unlimitedly. You can switch between these two modes using the Setting icon positioned on the left side of the game icon.

Hints In The Qwertle Game

Qwertle also brings players hints under the form of colors. Yet, there are more colored hints in this variant than in the Wordle game. In particular, the color will change depending on the pixel distance between the guessed letter and the correct one.

There are no fixed color schemes. The closer you lean toward the green tones, the higher the chance you will guess the precise letter. And if the color falls on the red/brown side, then your answer might be far from correct. For example:

  • White is the color displaying the letter positioned in the right place. You win the game when you get a row full of white letters.
  • The red or brown color is applied to letters far from the precise letter. In other words, they don't show up in the hidden word.
  • The green color appears when the letter is close to the correct one. It may be within about three buttons from the guessed letter.
  • The yellow color indicates a letter quite far from the correct letter on the keyboard layout, about halfway across the board. So, you can check out the keyboard to locate the correct letter.
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