Rap Heardle

Introduction To Rap Heardle

Rap is not a simple music genre; it can be a culture representing a whole community. For this reason, all merchandise related to rap always gains enormous attention from worldwide rap fans. Here, we are talking about one of the rare games operating on a theme of rap songs and rap artists: Rap Heardle.

It is a guessing game that imitates the gameplay of Wordle, a legendary word-guessing game. In this version, your primary mission is also guessing words, but not solely English words like in the Wordle game.

Specifically, players have to find the names of the hidden rap songs via the given rhythm and lyrics.

There are thousands of famous Rapers in the world, so the Rap Heardle game allows players to choose their favorite artist and guess a song performed by the artist. Ready to dive into the universe of rap?

How To Play The Rap Heardle Game

In the game, players can listen to 30 seconds of the hidden song of their favorite artists. However, the music won't be played all at once. You will start the game with 1 second of the secret song, then proceed to listen to a longer piece if you make a wrong guess or choose to skip a guess to receive more duration of the play.

Once you decide the name of the rap song, don't hesitate to submit your guess by typing the name in the guessing box below the playing button. You will have six guesses in the game, equal to six times you can lengthen the duration of the rap song replay.

Playing the Rap Heardle game should not put pressure on you to win the game. Instead, just indulge yourself in the vibe and the beat of your favorite track and learn more about the wonderful music products of your favorite artists.

Rap Heardle only allows you to guess one rap song by one artist daily. If you want to extend your fun with the game, you have to choose another artist once finishing your guessing with one. Or, you can use the Incognito mode of the browser to play the game unlimitedly.

Trick For The Rap Heardle Game

Winning a Rap Heardle game is not easy when you start to enjoy the rap songs of your favorite artist. If winning the game matters to you, you can use external software to listen to the play of the rap song. Many software can automatically recognize the rhythm of a rap song and give you the name.

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