Revertle Introduction

Word games are great for your mind, allowing it to hone while you get some enjoyment on the side. However, games like Wordle have stayed the same for so long that they now pose no challenge.

We want to introduce you to Revertle, a newly developed game. Its unique playstyle should excite word game veterans.

What Exactly Is Revertle?

Revertle is a newly developed word game following the fantastic success of Wordle. However, the link between them ends there. Once you play the game, you will quickly realize that there are many differences in core gameplay and scorekeeping.

The biggest difference is, of course, the goal of the game. If Wordle hides the word and requires you to guess it, Revertle gives you the word at the beginning of the game. Then, you must find a way to use the word’s letters in real, non-repeated words with different orders in 5 tries until all the letters switch to green.

How To Play The Revertle Game

There are two ways to access Revertle:

Once you get there, you will be greeted by a table with the rules of the game. To be concise, you get one word each day, and all the letters are colored red on a keyboard.

Your task is to type in words that contain these letters. But their order must be different from the one in the original word. In case you accidentally put a puzzle letter in its original spot as the game shows you from the get-go, it will remain red.

The letter will turn yellow when it’s misplaced. Rearrange them until all tiles become green. Once you do so, you have won the game.

Tips To Play Revertle

As the game’s goal is completely opposite to Wordle, even veterans may initially struggle. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind in order to get up to speed faster:

  • Try to include as many letters in each guess as possible. You only get 5 tries, so the more letters you get right, the bigger your room for error becomes.
  • Never use the letters in the same order. Doing so doesn’t just make you waste a try but also revert your progress.
  • Conclusion

    Revertle promised a complete breakaway from Wordle’s increasingly boring, numbing gameplay and actually delivered. You should fall in love with the challenge it can provide and the numerous modes you can play through. With the tips we provided, you won’t have any difficulty trying this game out.

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