What’s Ridella?

Riddles are among the best challenges to hone one’s mind. You need to read through seemingly incoherent sentences to find a link and, from that link, arrive at the ultimate answer. If you are a fan of this type of exercise for the mind, it should be a great daily activity for you.

Ridella was created by a loyal riddle and puzzle fan, who also co-founded Baltimore’s first-ever escape room. While working on this escape room, which he named Escape 45, he realizes that he loves seeing guests solving challenges and having “Eureka!” moments.

This experience also allows him to realize that there are several causes behind riddles appearing so unappealing for many players. The primary reason is the fact that it’s hard to find quality riddles, as many have the same repetitive answer.

That is why the creator proposes Ridella, a daily riddle game that provides consistent, high-quality riddles. The base game was made in only one week, but it’s so good that it blew up on Reddit. Now, it has more than 10,000 players each day.

How To Play Ridella Game

A good riddle walks a fine line between being challenging and fair. The Ridella game solves this problem by making use of Wordle’s base game mechanic.

Each day, you can get into the game and be greeted with the first clue about the day’s specific riddle. When you put in a guess, if the guess is incorrect, you will be prompted to try again. The game will then feed you the second clue. This process will repeat about four times.

When you use up all your tries, the game will present the correct answer alongside a thorough explanation. You also get to see all your riddle-solving statistics, which you can use to compare with your friends and people all around the world.

Tips On Playing Ridella

The first and most vital tip is to read carefully through the explanation provided at the end of the game. It provides a detailed thought process on why the clue links to the answer. If you can read through it and remember the connection, you should have no problem identifying a similar link the next time.

Another tip is to make use of the Archive section of the game. It contains all the previous riddles of the week. As such, even if you don’t get to improve your stats, you should be able to hone your skills.


The Ridella game provides riddle enjoyers with a consistent challenge each day. No matter how skilled you are, you will always be able to learn something new with this game. You also get to compare your skills against a bunch of people all over the world.

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