Rodrigle Introduction

Rodrigle is among the many new word games popping up after Wordle’s wildly successful venture. However, it wasn’t like the cheap imitations at all. It has a different core mechanic, a different scoring system, and even a multiplayer mode.

That is why we believe you should at least check this game out once.

What Is Rodrigle?

Rodrigle is a new word game inspired by Wordle, one of the most popular pastime games in the world.

At first glance, you can feel that the two are similar. However, Rodrigle revolves around Olivia Rodrigo - a famous songwriter and singer, which is meant for her die-hard fans.

You will have to find out a 4-letter word - either a name of a song or a term related to her career - in each round.

How To Play The Rodrigle Game?

It is actually quite easy to play Rodrigle, as all you need to do is visit the website. Once you arrive, you can immediately start playing, without logging in or creating a new account.

You have 6 tries to figure out the solution word. It is possible to enter letters via your keyboard or click on the on-screen letters. Then, hit enter and see the result.

The more green tiles appear, the closer to the victory you get, as they are a sign of correct guesses. Yellow signals a misplaced letter, though it’s still present in the secret word. But once it turns gray, you’d better exclude that letter from then on.

Rodrigle makes use of a much more colorful and dynamic style that improves its visual engagement. You can even switch on the dark mode or high contrast mode for more visual appeal.

Tips To Play

Get Some Basis About Olivia Rodrigo

Just go to Google and type “Olivia Rodrigo” and learn more about her career as well as what songs she has written.

Join Some Groups For Olivia’s Fans

A better strategy is to join some groups on Facebook that are devoted to Olivia to know more tidbits about her. You can also discuss the word of the day with other fans or ask some fellows to play with you for double fun.


Rodrigle is definitely worth at least a try if you are looking for a fun and challenging game to pass the time. In addition, you get to improve both your vocabulary and spelling skills, which are vital for speaking English.

What are you waiting for? Start visiting the website and play.

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