About The Scoredle Game

Scoredle is a puzzle game, but it can be more like a dictionary for the nyt wordle game. When playing this variant, you will have a new way to enjoy Wordle.

In detail, in the original version, you will make several guesses to find the hidden five-letter English word. However, players have to do the reverse task in the Scoredle game.

To start, you will type a random five-letter English word; it can be any word you like. Then, the word you have typed will be chosen as the keyword of the game and colored in green.

From the green word, you can also guess other five-letter English words, like in the NYT Wordle game. However, instead of leaving you alone in the game, Scoredle will always be by your side with constant support.

In particular, it will display the number of possible words related to the word you have picked and the keyword you have set. Although this gameplay can make the guessing task less exciting than in the NYT Wordle game, the educational purpose is unquestionable.

Why Play The Scoredle Game?

If you aim to enhance your English vocabulary by playing a puzzle game, you can’t miss Scoredle. Every time you type a word after the submitted word, you will have the chance to know many other possible words that can match the green word.

Therefore, you can expand your vocabulary in a fun way. The words are short and simple to learn by heart. We bet that if you are consistent with playing the Scoredle game, your source of vocabulary will significantly develop.

What’s more, it can be a great tool for you to train your word-guessing skills in the actual Wordle game. It’s always a pleasurable feeling to win a Wordle game within a few guesses.

How To Play The Scoredle Game?

You can play the Scoredle game just by typing one random five-letter English word at first, then make any guess as you like. Remember that the number of allowed guesses is still six, like in the original game.

The word you type after the first one will have an underlined line indicating the number of possible words relevant to it. To check the words, click or tap the line.

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