Sectordle - Push Your Wordle Game To The Next Level

Most game forums promote Sectordle as a more difficult spin-off of Wordle. This statement is correct but not enough to describe this game. From the moment you log in, you have come across three built-in modes: Classic Wordle, 6-letter Wordle, and 32 Wordle.

Their names are somewhat indicative of their specific format. The first option shares the same features as the famous predecessor. In comparison, the second choice adjusts to keyword length to refresh your experience. The remaining mode pushes your challenge to 32 keywords in one play.

How To Win Sectordle Game

Regardless of which mode you go with, it inherits some features of Wordle. For example, you may encounter an empty grid on the main screen, which means there is no hint in the first place. The color scheme is also handed down from the original Wordle.

Green stands for correct letter and position. Meanwhile, yellow suggests adjusting the letter’s position to get closer to victory. It is a pity if you see gray; get rid of it from the pool of possibilities and go for another strategy.

However, the number of turns for each version varies. The first two modes give players 6 turns to guess the final keyword, while you need 37 moves to tackle the huge grid of the expansive challenge.

Tips To Maintain Your Winning Streak

Take The Most Out Of First Moves

The first inputs are important because they uncover the hints that guide your speculation. Hence, do not rush to reach the final answer but gather as much glue as possible in the first few turns. You can look for good starter keywords to reinforce your attempts. Some good suggestions include the following:

  • 5-letter words: AUDIO, SOARE, CAMEL, SALET, etc
  • 6-letter words: SATIRE, MOUTHY, PLOUGH, TRICKY, WAIVER, etc.
  • Pay Close Attention To Virtual Keyboard

    The characters on the keyboard change color according to the real-time movement in the game. In other words, this part helps you grasp the possibilities and make accurate predictions for the next moves.

    This feature makes sense, with the giant grid restricting players from having an overview of all puzzles. To illustrate, you can map out some inputs in favor of as many sub-keywords as possible.

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