About The Semantle Game

Believe it or not, the Wordle NYT game has been the most outstanding word-guessing game since its release. From that, many game developers create their own Wordle-like versions, and Semantle stands out among them. Yet, mostly, Wordle variants still require players’ logical thinking to spot the correct word of the game, like its original version.

But the Semantle game hits differently, allowing players to rely on their luck to win the game. You will have unlimited guesses to figure out the secret word of the game, much more than 6 tries in the Wordle NYT game. But, coming with limitless guesses, the chance of picking the right word becomes rarer, and sometimes it’s like winning a lottery.

Guide On Playing The Semantle Game

Semantle is simple to play. You can make a guess by typing any word in the guessing bar, then pressing Enter or clicking Guess to submit your answer.

One unique point of the Semantle game from other word-guessing games is that it doesn’t limit the number of letters contained in a word. By that, we mean the Semantle game will accept any type and form of words as long as they are correctly spelled and meaningful.

This unique point is also what makes the game nearly impossible to win with a few guesses. Since players don’t know the pool of the possible words they may be in, they will have to guess almost every English word. You may assume that playing the Semantle game is quite desperate. That’s not totally true. The game still gives some hints to players.

Hints In The Semantle Game

Unlike the colored hints that you can see in many Wordle-like games, Semantle delivers clues to players via the form of numbers and signals. The game will tell you how close you reach the correct answer by giving a measurement from -100 to 100.

If you get a measurement from 19.81 to 38.30, you have picked a word in the list of the nearest one thousand words from the correct word. When the measurement is from 38.30 to 76.77, you are around the ten nearest words. The measurement of 76.77 and above means that you are so close to winning the game.

Apart from the number measurement, you can notice how close your guess to the solution word is by looking at the “Getting Close” column. From 19.81 on, a bar showing the detailed gap from your guessed word to the hidden word will appear.

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