Septle: A Harder Version Of Wordle

This game title is a variant of Wordle NYT. It possesses the same features as its predecessor to retain the existing Wordle players while also developing some unique features to attract new ones. It enhances the difficulty to boost the feeling of excitement compared to previous versions.

If you want an uplifting challenge to get you out of your comfort zone, this game is for you. Before venturing into the world of long-tail keywords, spend a few minutes with the game rules below.

How To Master The Septle Game

You feel at home from the first moment you enter the Septle world due to its similar gameplay to Wordle. For instance, the home screen interface remains unchanged, with a blank grid and virtual keyboard. However, the grid is expanded to 8 rows and 7 columns. This arrangement means that there are 8 maximum attempts to figure out a 7-letter secret keyword.

Similar to other word-guessing games in the same category, your mission is to unlock the hidden word within a specified number of turns. It is worth mentioning that you do not get any hints from the get-go. You will receive some clues while you work towards the answer, as the letters of your guessed word will change their colors to inform you of some hints.

Green means the character is in its right place. If the tile turns yellow, move the letter to other positions in the next tries. On the other hand, gray implies that the character is not part of the secret word. When all the tiles in the same row turn green, congratulations! If you fail to make it and run out of moves, you lose!

Some Tips To Conquer Septle

The good news for players is that you can apply all of the tricks you've learned from earlier word-guessing games to this one. If you have no idea about this, consider our tips below:

  • Sacrifice the first turns for gathering hints.
  • Try all vowels and common consonants such as “T,” “S,” “N,” or “C.”
  • Keep your eye on updates on the virtual keyboard.
  • Take advantage of Practice mode.
  • Have fun while waiting for new challenges with bonus programs.
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