About Sokomath

Quick puzzle games are always notable options for people to enjoy during their short, relaxing time. Many word games, like Wordle, can gain millions of players and become famous worldwide with mediocre graphics but fascinating gameplay. But have you ever tried the mathematical theme? Let’s check it with Sokomath!

Unlike other variants that challenge players with words, Sokomath creates fun mathematical questions with interactive and friendly animated graphics for players. The game can be a great pastime for adult players and bring educational benefits for children who start to learn Math.

It doesn't emphasize complicated Mathematical calculations or formulas to trouble players. On the contrary, doing math here is extremely easy, but the hardest part is to arrange the numbers and digits into a valid equation.

How To Play The Sokomath Game

You can arrange the equations by using the computer mouse or your fingers to tap the screen. The puzzle is delivered to players in the form of inorganized numbers and mathematical signs. Your mission is to relocate them so that all the numbers and signs form a valid equation.

The shape of the barrier restricts the movement of the digits in the Sokomath game. Therefore, players can only move the numbers and signs within the empty area.

Furthermore, the numbers and signs can’t stop at a specific position when being moved. To make a number or a sign stay in the desired position, you must block its surroundings with another square or by the barrier.

In addition to creating a valid equation, you must also place the numbers and signs in the correct spots in the game. An equation is counted only when it is true, and its components are located in the checkered square.

The game has 28 rounds and gradually increases in difficulty. Once you win a round, the border will turn from red to blue.

Special Features In The Sokomath Game

  • Color warps: When a number or sign lands on a warp, it will no longer stay on the warp featuring a similar color. Besides, the game allows you to let the digit slide over the warp to different directions unlimitedly. If the position the number or sign is heading to is occupied by another number or sign, the color warp can't let the unit go through.
  • Advance Arrows: There will be a directional arrow contained in one advance arrow, and the number or sign placed on the advance arrow will automatically slide to the direction according to the arrow.
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