What To Know About Speedle?

Wordle is no stranger to people who fancy the challenges of a word game. Figuring out a hidden English word is the primary mission in the game. Yet, some players can easily spot the secret word and soon find the game not as exciting as it should be.

If dealing with a Wordle game is too effortless for you, you can try an upgraded version: Speedle.

This variant still features the guessing gameplay of the original version. However, a countdown timer is applied to the game, urging players to pick the word not only precisely but quickly to achieve high scores. Furthermore, there are some other modifications to keep players excited all the time.

Modifications In Speedle

As mentioned above, Speedle is basically a Wordle game but includes some upgraded functions. You can follow these descriptions to learn more about the settings of this new version:

  • V01 indicates the version of the game.
  • The letter “N” stands for the difficulty level in the game. You can opt for the “H” for the hard mode and “U” for the “Ultra hard” mode.
  • The number beside the letter representing difficulty shows the length of the secret word in a Speedle game. And you can also adjust the word length as you want.
  • Besides the word length figure, you will see a number expressing the amount of secret words you must figure out in a game. Also, you can adjust the amount of words.
  • “-a” comes with two other numbers. The number right beside it shows whether the “Automatically press Enter” feature is activated, with “1” being YES and “0” being NO. Next, you will see another number indicating how many auto guesses you get.
  • “-d” also has a number. The number beside “-d” displays how long it takes you to guess.
  • Similarly, “-p” is followed by a number indicating the penalty time when you make a wrong choice.
  • Not all of these figures automatically appear in the default Speedle game. You can activate them in the Settings corner of the game.

    How To Play The Speedle Game?

    All you need to do is fill the blank spaces on the grid with a valid five-letter English word. You will have six guesses for each hidden spot. After you submit your guess, some hints provided by the game will show up:

  • The yellow color tells you that the letter in the guessed word is also contained in the solution word but in a different position.
  • The green color is a sign of a perfect guess.
  • The gray color hints at letters that are not related to the correct word.
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