About The Spellie Game

Among many puzzle games, Wordle NYT stands out as one of the most remarkable titles for people who love word-guessing gameplay. In this version, the player’s mission is to spot the exact five-letter English word within 6 tries to win the game. Despite being a fun and exciting game, Wordle NYT can sometimes be overwhelming for beginners or kids.

To handle the issue, a group of game developers has developed the Spellie game, a wonderful word-guessing game suiting children from Grade 2 and above or beginner English learners. This game has many features in common with the original Wordle game, but the gameplay is redesigned even for educational purposes.

How To Play The Spellie Game?

Players must complete three rounds of the game, but not a single game like in the Wordle game. The three rounds in the Spellie game are categorized into three levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. And you will have six guesses in each level to find the hidden word. You can form any word you want from the given alphabetical letters as long as the word is a valid English word.

The Easy level will require players to figure out a four-letter English word, which is one letter less than in the Wordle game. Then, the Medium level challenges players with a five-letter English word, just like the Wordle game. Lastly, the Hard level consists of a six-letter English word, which will be a hardcore level for both young and adult players.

You don’t need to solve the puzzle one by one to reach a higher level. In contrast, you can switch between three levels easily and solve all of them simultaneously. The Spellie game also provides some hints for players in case they find the puzzle struggling to solve.

Hints In The Spellie Game

Players will get three colored hints in the game as follows:

  • The green color will appear when the letter in the guessed word matches the letter in the hidden word, and both of the letters stay in the same position.
  • The yellow color indicates that the letter is included in the secret word, but you should place it in a different position in the next guess.
  • If the letter is nothing related to the secret word, the circle will remain white without being colored.
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