What Is Spotle?

The Spotle game is a puzzle game that applies the guessing gameplay of the famous Wordle NYT game and runs on the theme of the Spotify app. Two developers, Tommy Rennolds and Paul Pursifull, created the Spotle game for people who are music enthusiasts and love using Spotify to enjoy pieces of music.

Being a variant of the Wordle NYT game, the “Spotle” name is an interesting wordplay from “Spotify,” and the “dle” ending reminds players of the original version. If Wordle players must finish the mission of guessing a correct five-letter English word, the players of the Spotle game must figure out the hidden artist from the related information provided by the Spotify app.

How To Play The Spotle Game?

It’s simple to start with the Spotle game. You only have to make a guess with a random artist’s name in the guessing box to find the secret artist. And you have ten allowed tries to determine the secret artist of the game. After making a guess, the related hints will show up to guide you closer to the correct answer.

Six statistics will give you the basic information about the secret artist of the game: Debut album, group size, listener rank, gender, genre, and nationality. However, it’s nearly impossible to spot the exact statistic of each person, so the game also inserts colored hints for players to estimate and deduce the most appropriate artist:

Of course, in almost every puzzle game, green is always the color of a perfect guess. For this reason, the information in a green box will be 100% correct to the secret artist. The yellow color is a sign of a nearly correct guess. In each information box, yellow will have a separate meaning. If the Debut Album area goes yellow, it means that the hidden artist’s year of debut will be 5 years less or more than your guess. If there is a yellow Listener Rank box, your guessed rank will be 50 less or more than the correct rank. If the Nationality box is yellow, you’ve chosen the right continent of the hidden artist’s nation. The Group Size section is the number of members in the group. If the precise answer is a solo artist, the number is 1. The Genre box is the type of music the secret artist primarily performs. There are only 11 genres in the game, so it’s not necessary to apply further hints for this section.

Modes Of The Spotle Game

Besides the challenge from the game, you can create your own hidden artist to play with your friends. Choose the “Custom Game” button on the top right corner of the screen. Then, pick the secret singer you want to challenge your friends with and leave some notes if you want to. Lastly, share the game’s link with your friends and have fun.

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