Squareword: The Ultimate Brain Teaser

When Squareword emerged onto the scene, it stood out as a captivating blend of Wordle and Sudoku. This innovative game inherited the addictive features of its renowned predecessors, taking the gaming community by storm from its introduction. Brace yourself for a heightened challenge that pushes the limits of your cognitive abilities, as it takes difficulty to a whole new level. Intrigued? Prepare to dive into the rules of this exhilarating game.

How To Play The Squareword Game

Like Wordle, Squareword displays an empty grid of 5 rows and 5 columns. However, the game rule is a tweak in this version. Your task now is to guess not 1 but 10 mystery keywords - 5 arranged vertically and the rest horizontally.

The game begins when you start typing in the light blue row at the top. The system then compares your input with the hidden word in each row. The result then shows up on the screen through a unique color scheme.

If the character in your guess matches its position in the solution word, it appears on the corresponding row with the green tiles. On the contrary, those that appear in the yellow column next to the grid mean that they belong to the secret word but have not been placed in their exact position yet. When you come across a gray tile, it means the letter is not included in the solution word.

Based on these hints, build a clever strategy to turn the entire square green. Keep your eye on the dark blue tile in the top right corner of the grid, which counts your used turns. Remember that you only have 15 guesses to conquer this challenge.

Some Notes When Playing Squareword

  • This game only gives you one challenge per day. In other words, players have to wait until midnight in their local time for a new game.
  • Most players work with keywords horizontally. Of course, this strategy makes sense because the system provides hints in this direction. However, the columns also contain mysterious keywords. If you get stuck in horizontal lines, change how you look at the problem.
  • After you have completed the game, regardless of success or failure, take a moment for the Statistics panel. Click on the graph icon on the same line as the game title to access your performance analysis panel. Besides useful information to build your strategy, you will find a short AI-generated poem created from a few words in the square. It does not always make sense, but it becomes a part of the fun!
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