Squirdle Introduction

Although there are hundreds of Wordle spin-off versions for you to experience, Squirdle still deserves a place in your game list for its unpredictable themes and rules. This amazing title will hold your attention and make it hard to refrain from playing continuously.

You will find a clear answer to the question by reading the following article with detailed instructions on the game rules and tips for a wonderful round. Let’s start the game with us right now!

What You Need To Know About Squirdle?

Squirdle is an excellent alternative to the original game Wordle, with the biggest difference lies in its unique rules. Rather than guessing a random word like Wordle, you are required to answer the name of a Pokemon character correctly.

You will win the game if you find the hidden name in eight attempts. It takes the game to the next level, giving you a real challenge to develop a correct word in limited moves.

What Is The Rule Of Squirdle?

This game is not about remembering all characters and randomly guessing a five-letter name to reach the final goal. Instead, it covers five criteria, such as gen, type 1, type 2, height, and weight, to find the answer to the secret Pokemon.

Each box will give you a different clue after your guess, making it easier to determine the correct answer. Firstly, you must submit a solution for the hints to reveal. After getting a suggestion, think carefully before deciding your next move.

The generation, height, and weight boxes will appear with the arrow pointing up or down to adjust your answer since the previous guess is too high or too low. Meanwhile, the type box will change color to narrow the potential Pokemon name.

The box turns green when you are correct and turns red when the answer is wrong. If your guessing name belongs to one of two types, the box will be yellow, and you must change your answer.

How To Play Squirdle Game Effectively?

Have Knowledge Of Pokemon

As the title suggests, this game is designed for players who love Pokemon and want to remember their childhood memories through the game. That’s why you stand a good chance of winning the game if you are a big fan of Pokemon.

However, if you know little about the theme, you can rely on the search engine to handle all your queries.

Find Information On The Internet

While playing the game, you can search for more information to get closer to the final answer. With the given hints, you can browse pages and websites to find the correct Pokemon name that meets the requirements.


After reading the article, we hope Squirdle will help you feel relaxed and delighted after your working and studying hours. Although the word-guessing concept is nothing new, the game proves its charm by including attractive rules and colorful features.

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