Sqword Introduction

Since Wordle gained tremendous traction during the COVID-19 pandemic, many other word-guessing versions were mushroomed that offer simple yet engaging gameplay. They are designed for everyone to have fun with. In this article, we will introduce Sqword, which is a fascinating variant to hone your skills in your free time.

The game has a layout that looks relatively the same as the Wordle game, with a 5x6 grid, including six columns and five rows. However, it doesn’t require players to correctly pick a five-letter English word within six tries as Wordle does. On the contrary, this version applies a new way of word arranging for players to test their word source and logical thinking.

How To Play The Sqword Game?

The game will give players a specific number of letters in advance to form the guess. Remember that not all alphabetical letters will appear in Sqword, but only some will appear in the game.

The letters given will be altered in a new game. To check which letters are available in the game and the frequency of their appearances, you can click the “Deck” button.

To form a guess, you should look at the “Current Card” section above the grid first. You can only fill in the blank spot in the grid with the letter contained in the “Current Card” section. You can click or tap the desired position to place the letter. It’s possible to put the letter anywhere in the grid as long as it is not occupied by another one.

Be careful when placing them because you can remove or change their position after putting them in the grid. After one letter is used, the game will show another random letter that does not follow any rule.

You should properly arrange letters to form a valid word. The word must contain from three to five letters, and you can make your guess horizontally and vertically.

The maximum score of the game is 50. One correct word will bring you points according to the number of letters included in it. For example, a four-letter word will give you four points.

Does Sqword Give Players Clues?

No, Sqword doesn’t offer players any hint. However, the game still delivers support via the “Joker” letter. If the system recognizes you are troubled with the puzzle, like arranging unrelated letters or spending too much time thinking of a word, it will allow you to type a letter into any blank spot on the grid. Doing so allows you to easily arrange the correct word and receive points.

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