Stackle: The Ultimate Word-Building Game

Stackle was introduced as a spin-off of Wordle. However, several gamers find it more interesting than the famous processor due to its exciting twist in the word-building format. The game is not about guessing words but forming them in ways you never imagined. It requires advanced strategy, extensive vocabulary, and a set of important skills such as critical thinking or creativity. Sharpen your brain and have fun with it – why not? Learn the rules and give Stackle a try today!

How To Play The Stackle Game

Your Mission

In Stackle, your mission is to build the tallest stack of words. Depending on the game mode you opt for – full or mini-challenges, the number of letters given varies from 12 to 26 - the entire alphabet. A daily challenge kicks off with a starter word, and then it is your turn to create words and stack them up. That's right, it is like constructing floors in a towering building!

However, the real challenge lies in the requirements for your subsequent attempts as below:

  • Swap & Scramble: you must swap one letter in the current word for a fresh one and shake things up by rearranging the remaining letters of the previous guess.
  • No repeats: The swapped character must not appear in the stack again.
  • No duplication: The letters in each input must be unique to diversify your word choices.
  • No hoarding (Full mode only): Things get even trickier when you cannot rely on the same set of characters. If you have used 4 letters continuously for 9 turns, you must change at least one of them on the 10th try.
  • Other Notes

    Aim to raise the stack as high as possible until the remaining letters on the virtual keyboard can no longer combine to create valid words. Additionally, the keywords you choose and how you order them result in varying scores.

    Ideally, you will take advantage of all the given characters and arrange a maximum of 8 words in mini mode. Meanwhile, Full mode sets many milestones, including 10, 18, and 22 words. If you are at the dead end, tap on the circle icon in the upper right corner of the screen to get hints.

    Now, are you ready to stack up some words? Let's play!

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