Star Wordle

What Is Star Wordle?

The secondary version of Wordle, Star Wordle has a unique design that suits any Star Wars fan. Let's come and check your Star Wars vocabulary.

The game gives you a daily 5-letter keyword originating from fiction science. Your task is to enter the right answer after 6 tries. Add a little Force so that you can pass this mission.

Also, Star Wordle includes interesting words like "Vader," and "Darth," and many words as well as phrases. You might even find the coded phrases, such as slang or references to Star Wars fan culture. Experience it right away!

Features of Star Wordle

Accessing to the Star Wordle, you can find fascinating things:

  • There is a list of over 14,000 words for players to choose from.
  • Players can get a hint by pressing the green button at the top left after the third try if information leaks so they can continue guessing.
  • The display is easy to use, including letter cells and a virtual keyboard.
  • Not only do you guess words, but there are also numbers. The difficulty is doubled.
  • How to Play Star Wordle

    If you are at the Star Wordle game, you can start with the first guessing. Use the virtual keyboard under the squares to enter a random word related to Star Wars. For newbies or beginners, you'd better use our helpful ideas, filling in "saber" or "grogu" as a starting word.

    After pressing the Enter and submitting your answer, you'll receive feedback:

  • Green letters: You got the first characters in the keyword.
  • Yellow letters: You should put them in other positions in the following guessing because they are wrong.
  • Gray letters: You can eliminate them and not use them in the next tries.
  • In case you write letters by mistake, you can use the Backspace button to remove them and then refill the right ones.

    You only have 6 chances to find the right answer, so it's best to have a strategy and rely on the clues to fill in the must-guess word smartly. Once you give an incorrect response at the sixth guess, it means that you lost, and the game will provide you with the exact answer.

    Star Wordle doesn't also refresh right away. If you want to play again, let’s come back tomorrow.

    Everything in this game relates to Star Wars. This playground is ideal for those familiar with saber, grogu, darth, or vader. Would you like to experience it and become a fan of the Star Wars franchise?

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