A Quick Outlook At The Statele Game

Wordle is a legendary word-guessing game among puzzle-game lovers around the world. For this reason, many Wordle variants are developed to satisfy the demand of guessing-game players. And the Statele game is such a prominent Wordle-like version.

In Wordle, players must find a secret valid five-letter English word within six tries to win the game. Similarly, in the Statele game, players must find English words, but the words are not from the English dictionary like in Wordle.

On the other hand, solution words in the Statele game are the names of states in the USA.

In specific, you must figure out the name of a random state in the USA via its geographical shape by trying no more than six guesses.

The Statele Game Playing Tutorial

The Statele game gives players a geographical shape of a state in the USA in advance. Then, players must make their guess by typing the state name in the Guess box and pressing “Enter” or clicking “Guess” to submit the answer.

You don’t need to be a pro at English to remember the whole name of the state. A list of possible states’ names will drop down after you type the first letter of your guess.

How To Understand The Statele Game’s Hints

You won’t be alone on the path to achieving a victory in the Statele game. After you submit your guess, the game will give you some hints to help you reach the correct answer more easily.

There are three guides in the Statele game:

  • The kilometers: This hint will indicate how far the secret state is from your guessed state.
  • The directional arrow: This hint tells you the guessed state is on which side of the actual state. Combined with the kilometers hint, the direction hint can visualize a more specific detail of the secret state.
  • The percentage figure: The percentage figure shows how close you are to achieving the correct answer.
  • Extending Your Statele Game

    You have only one Statele game daily, so you must wait until the next day to get a new game. However, you can still extend your joyful time with the Statele game by choosing “Play Bonus Round”.

    The bonus games may consist of questions like guessing the neighboring states of the actual state, spotting the capital city of the state, or the flag of the state.

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