Some Points About The Stewardle Game

Before we dive into Stewardle, we would like to give you a quick look at wordle nyt. It is a word-guessing game in which players must spot a hidden five-letter English word with some given clues. Gamers can take 6 tries to figure out the answer to the game. In particular, you can enjoy the game on any device’s platform at any time and anywhere.

Due to the simplicity of the gameplay and the outstanding compatibility, the Wordle NYT game can attract millions of players in the world.

Its success is a glorious example for many game developers, including the developer of the Stewardle game. In this spin-off, players also have to handle the guessing mission. Yet, the target is modified.

Stewardle questions players with the secret guessing object, not a casual English word, but the name of a random F1 racer participating in the F1 tournament from 2014 until now. If you have a huge love for the speedy races, you can’t ignore this title.

Tutorial In Playing The Stewardle Game

You will guess the F1 driver’s name by typing the name in the guessing box below the grid. Be sure that the driver participates in an F1 tournament from 2014 until the present day. Some driver’s names may be difficult to remember or write down.

However, don’t worry because the Stewardle game’s system can automatically refer to the relevant names when you type some letters included in them. Then, you can finish your guess by clicking or tapping the names dropping down from the list. Notably, you only have six chances to figure out the hidden driver in the game.

The Meanings Of The Columns In The Game

The grid will be divided into seven columns, and each column will present a hint given to players:

  • The “Driver” column displays the name of the driver you have picked.
  • The “Flag” column will show the nationality of the driver.
  • The “Team” column, of course, indicates the team the driver plays for.
  • The “Car Num” column is the number applied to the driver’s cars.
  • The “Driver Age” stands for the age of the picked driver.
  • The “First Year” column shows the first time the driver started his professional career in F1.
  • The “Race Wins” column expresses the number of races that the picked driver has won.
  • Besides the columns, you should notice the colors used for them:

  • The green color is a sign of a perfect guess.
  • The red color indicates a wrong selection.
  • The orange color in the squares with numbers tells you that the number is too low from the correct number. If the orange color is applied to the “Team” column, it means that the team displayed is the former team of the driver.
  • The purple color in the square with numbers shows that the numbers are much higher than the correct ones.
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