About Stockle

Stockle is a challenging mode that introduces the popular Wordle NYT under a stocks mode. Any stock fan will fall in love with this when they have the opportunity to learn about stocks and ETFs (Exchange-Traded Fund).

The game has successfully integrated finance into the gaming arena. Who said finance was boring when we had this game?

Stockle Game Rules

Being busy all day causes stress to build up over time. Why not try to freshen your mind with this entertaining and educational game? Discovering more about how the stock market works, learning more about current funds to help you improve your money, or simply having more knowledge. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Stockle is an interesting stock guessing game in which players must identify stocks or ETFs. Players make guesses by typing the ticker symbol they believe is appropriate for the hidden stock or ETF.

Guess and feedback mechanisms:

When the player makes a guess, the game will respond by changing the color of the text boxes. These responses allow the player to determine how near their guess is to the correct tick sign.

In other words, the color changes on the boxes help players evaluate the accuracy of their guesses. Like that, players can strategically guess and derive the correct symbol using a set of guess attempts.

  • A letter switching to green hints at a correct answer. You can leave it as is.
  • If the letter turns yellow, you must have misplaced it in the solution word. Try to rearrange it!
  • When a letter grays out, it is a wrong answer, meaning it doesn’t belong to the secret word.
  • How to Play

    To enter Stockle, find "Stockle" or "Stock game" on network platforms or websites that host the game.

    The game begins with a display panel featuring six horizontal lines of boxes, each holding a four-letter word waiting to be revealed.

    To pick up the letters, players may use either the floating keyboard on the game interface or the device's keyboard. You can select your assumed character's location by clicking on one of the boxes.

    Enter four letters of a word one at a time, then hit Enter to receive a response from the game, which tells you whether the letter is in the correct or incorrect position or if the letter is not present in the word.

    Pro Tips you don't want to miss

  • Get-to-know ticket symbols: Learn the symbols for common stocks and exchange-traded funds. Knowing the branding of well-known companies and funds will offer you an advantage when making logical decisions.
  • Acquire appropriate knowledge: Learn about the financial market and stock symbols to make quick guesses.
  • Understand the stock's naming conventions: Quick grasp the conventions used to create stock symbols. For example, many logos include the name or abbreviation of the company or industry to which they belong.
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