About The Summle Game

Before giving you an insight into our main star, let’s take a quick outlook at the famous Wordle - the inspiration of Summle. So, the Wordle game is a word-guessing game in which players must figure out the precise secret 5-letter English word using the given hints after each guess.

And the same guessing engine is applied to the Summle game. As a result, you can easily notice that the name includes the “le” ending from the original version of nyt wordle.

However, in this new version, the player’s mission is not to pick the correct word but to find the exact equation from the given numbers and mathematical signs.

You will have to organize calculations from the provided numbers so that the total of the calculations will be equal to the number given by the game.

The Playing Tutorial

Right beneath the game’s name, you can notice a number outlined by black lines. That number is the total number you must rely on to organize other calculations.

You will have five times to think of possible equations leading to the final number. Besides, there are six numbers given in each game, so you can only use these numbers with the four mathematical signs to form an equation.

The Summle game only accepts subtotals with integers and valid mathematical rules. You have unlimited time to try the calculations until you find the correct answer.

After each calculation in a row, the subtotal number will be colored in yellow. And you can use the yellow number as a new allowed number to add to the calculations.

Hints In The Summle Game

Summle is not like other Wordle-like spin-offs that offer you a specific number of hints while you get troubled finding out the answer. On the contrary, only when you don’t interact with the game for a few minutes will the game automatically realize you are having trouble and ask you to complete a calculation as a hint for you.

What’s more, after you complete an equation, the numbers used for the calculation may be colored in gray and can’t be reused anymore. Therefore, you can minimize the other cases of forming equations with these numbers.

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