Survible Introduction

Inspired by wordle nyt, Survible is an entertaining word-guessing game. But instead of trying to win in this original take on the word-guessing genre, your objective is to lose!

The game has the same structure as the original Wordle, but in a mode that is significantly more difficult and rigorous. To guess as many things wrongly as you can is your goal.

Remember: Wrong answers are what we are aiming for.

Playing Guide: How To Play Survible Game

It looks like Wordle, right? But we have to warn you, the goal is not quite the same! Your main objective in Survible is to make inaccurate guesses. Using the information provided, you must guess a word, just like in the Wordle game, with the goal of guessing incorrectly. Here's how you play the game.

Step 1: Start guessing. Using the information provided, you must purposely guess a word incorrectly.

Step 2: Keep guessing. You have to base all of your guesses on the revealed information. As a result, the game becomes much more difficult because you have to use this information deliberately to make incorrect guesses.

  • A green letter equals a correct letter in the correct positions. Avoid this at all costs!
  • A yellow letter is included in the secret word, but it is not in the right order.
  • A gray letter signals the wrong answer.
  • Notice that your goal here is to get the wrong answer. So, the more yellow and gray tiles, the better.

    Step 3: Continue playing. Once you complete the game and don't have any green tiles, you win!

    In Survible, you will win once accruing seven or more wrong predictions. In a standard Wordle game, you would have won with six guesses or less. Thus, this rule exists so that you can see how opposite the two games are. You might not expect the level of difficulty that Survible offers.

    With its exciting take on the traditional word-guessing game, Survible pushes you to lose intentionally. It provides a mind-twisting gameplay that keeps you interested with its rigid rules and inverse goal. For word fanatics, this is a fun and tough game because it's difficult to score seven or more wrong guesses.

    Sounds interesting enough for you? Then what are you waiting for?

    Play now!

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