About Syllacrostic

It's nearly impossible to determine which one can be the best puzzle game on the Internet because each player will have their own interests. Yet, if we have to rank remarkable puzzle games with interesting and creative gameplay, Syllacrostic must be on the list.

It also runs on a word-guessing engine like many other titles, except for one thing, its gameplay. In other word games, players will make a guess by typing a valid word and submitting it to the game. However, Syllacrostic requires players to guess a word via its syllables. In particular, you will type in the words using their syllables.

For this reason, the Syllacrostic game not only helps English learners to improve their source of vocabulary but also their speaking skills by remembering exactly the syllables of words.

How To Play The Syllacrostic Game?

Syllacrostic features a crossword-like graphic with descriptions of hidden words and the corresponding blank spaces. Your mission is to fill in the correct syllables of the words with the meanings the descriptions indicate.

Since the syllables are sometimes not Latina letters, the game gives players a list of fractured syllables in advance. Players must properly arrange the pieces of syllables to form a correct word.

You will win the game when solving all the 9 hidden words in the game. You have unlimited tries to guess the secret words. Besides, you don't have to solve the puzzles in an orderly fashion from the first to the last one, but you can decide which one to solve first.

When you come up with a correct guess, the system will automatically record the guess and give you points. You don't need to press any button to submit your answer.

You can delete an unwanted piece by pressing the Red button with the X sign. Press the green button to shuffle the pieces and the yellow button to arrange the pieces in alphabetical order.

Tricks To Play The Game

Syllacrostic has a similar way of displaying the word descriptions to crossword games, so you can easily look up the word on the Internet via the descriptions. Just search the whole description on the Internet. You can get more hints from the secret word, or even the entire word will be revealed to you.

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