Symble: An Addictive Word-Guessing Game With Twists

The Symble game, created by Daniel Baamonde, was inspired by the Wordle game. However, besides the similar 5-letter word-guessing format, you can enjoy a brand new experience with this variant.

The code-cracking format will have you hooked in no time, while the challenging game rule is a true mental workout. While you may find some similarities with Wordle, do not be fooled—Symble is a whole new ball game that will put your knowledge to the test.

How To Play The Symble Game

The ultimate objective of Symble remains the same as Wordle: decode a mysterious 5-letter keyword. However, the gameplay evolves significantly from there. Instead of a color scheme, Symble uses a trio of symbols to provide additional hints after each of your tries. Here is the plot twist: these elements are also associated with the mysterious keyword.

Suppose your guess is “SOLID” while the correct answer is “SHOOK.” The hints with their meanings would be:

  • The sun icon represents the letter "S" in the keyword, indicating that your guess matches the correct answer.
  • The heart icon represents the letters “H,” “K,” and “O” in the keyword, and obviously, these characters are absent from your guess.
  • The water drop icon represents the letter "O" in the keyword. You’ve got it right, but it stays in the wrong position.
  • Unfortunately, it is not easy to understand these meanings since you do not know the correct answer. You yourself have to crack the code to understand them and then solve the puzzle.

    With an advanced difficulty level, Symble has increased the number of turns to 8 compared to other spin-offs. Every day, all players tackle the same keyword, and the puzzle resets at midnight local time.

    Choose Your Favorite Mode

    But wait, there's more! Symble offers a variety of game modes to keep you always entertained. The Daily mode operates as described above, whereas the Infinite mode offers unlimited puzzles. Each time, it comes up with a random word.

    The 5 Minute Blitz setting is a thrilling race against time. You have 5 minutes to solve as many puzzles as possible. The Live Blitz Battle is considered the toughest mode in Symble, requiring you to compete with an opponent within a limited time.

    In Custom mode, you will become a puzzle creator by providing a keyword to your liking. Let the system do its work, and you’ll receive anURL to share your challenge with your friends.

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