TikTokle Wordle

What’s TikTokle Wordle?

As its name suggests, the TikTokle Wordle game is a novel and interesting variant of the classic wordle game. Instead of regular words, it forces you to access different parts of your memory: Tiktokers. As a result, you get the additional bragging right about how well you know about TikTok stars.

This bragging right can be shared with friends who may not play this game. This feature adds a social aspect to this already fun game, making it even more long-lasting.

How To Play TikTokle Wordle

This new variant of the Wordle game asks its players to guess a TikToker from a list. This list is sourced from the 100 most relevant TikTokers of the year. With each new day, a unique TikToker will be chosen, and the cycle continues again.

Each player has a total of ten tries. After each input, you will see the tiles change color to tell you whether your guess is close to the answer.

If a character does appear in the TikToker’s name but in the wrong spot, its tile turns yellow. If it’s in the correct spot, the tile turns green. On the other hand, if a character doesn’t appear in the word, its tile will turn gray.

Some characters will be shown before you can guess to make things easier for the players. After all, having no hint means there is almost no chance to find out the correct TikToker.

Tips To Play TikTokle Wordle

A good tip to remember while playing TikTokle Wordle is to always use special characters, specifically the “_” symbol. Due to the sheer number of people using TikTok, lots of people have to use special symbols on their handles. Using them in your guess gives you a higher chance to score.

Another great tip is to always take your time and never rush things. This game has no timer, so there is no need to hurry. Many people have accidentally placed letters in places that they know are impossible. This kind of brain fart only happens if you don’t spend time double-checking your answer.

At the end of the day, TikTokle Wordle provides its players with a unique challenge. You not only have to find a word, but that word also has to be the name of a top 100 TikToker. As a result, even the most experienced Wordle veteran can fall short while playing this game.

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