Today’s Hurdle

What Is Today's Hurdle?

Borrowing the idea from the iconic word guessing game Wordle NYT, Today's Hurdle resembles its original version in many ways, but the developers have introduced some modifications.

Just like Wordle, this version also challenges players to spot hidden words correctly in the game. However, after finding one secret word, it will expand the joy of players by giving out some other hidden words to continue the game.

It's always a good idea to start your new day by progressing in the word-guessing missions of the Today's Hurdle game. Gradually achieving the fun of solving little puzzles will promote your spirit and boost your productivity at work.

How To Play The Hurdle Game?

Today's Hurdle game consists of five rounds with the symbol of five barriers for you to surpass. In each round, you will have to guess a five-letter English word within 6 tries. The solution word of the previous round will automatically be the beginning guess of the next round. Therefore, you only have five guesses for each round after the first round.

To make your guess, you can type the potential English words in the grid and press Enter to submit it. Ensure that the word you choose contains 5 letters and is a valid English word.

Apart from managing to solve the hidden word, your performance in the Today's Hurdle game will be evaluated by the number of tries you have used to figure out the word. The sooner you can spot the word, the higher the scores you can attain. You won't be alone while finding the solutions for the puzzles in the game, thanks to the provided hints.

Hints In The Today's Hurdle Game

The hints in the Today's Hurdle game will come in the form of colors:

  • If a letter in the guessed word is not contained in the solution word, it will be colored gray.
  • If a letter turns green, it means that it is in the solution word and you have made a perfect choice.
  • If a letter is yellow, it also indicates that the letter is a part of the hidden word, but you must alter its position in the later guess.
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