What Is So Special About The Travle Game?

You don’t get the game wrong. We are talking about the Travle game, but not the Travel game. This is not a spelling mistake by the game developer, but naming the game Travle is a way to give credit to the famous Wordle NYT game. Both games are guessing games, but the objects are different.

While the Wordle game challenges players to find a secret English word, this version is related to the geographical distance of countries on the world map. You should be a traveling enthusiast or have considerable competence in geographical knowledge to win the game easily.

Travle Playing Tutorial

Firstly, the game gives you two countries on the world map in advance and asks you to find the route from the Start country to the End country. Detailedly, you must figure out all the nations you will pass on the route from country A to country B. The game is not as simple as you expect because the world map first comes in black and does not display the shapes of countries.

The Travle game allows players to make 11 guesses in the game, but the fewer tries you use, the higher the score you get. You can guess by typing the potential nation’s name in the box right below the map and then pressing Enter to submit your answer.

Although the game looks desperate for beginners initially, it’s not totally hopeless to conquer. If you are not good at geography, playing the game can still be enjoyable thanks to some provided hints in the game.

Hints In The Travle Game

For players who have a decent knowledge of the geographical patterns on the world map, the Travle game provides hints via the colors:

  • The green color shows that you are going on the right route. Picking green ones will lead you closer to the End country in the most optimal route.
  • The orange color indicates that the nation is close to the Start and End country. Yet, it’s not included in the optimal route.
  • The red color means the guessed country is far from the Start and End country.
  • The black color is a sign of an irrelevant country.
  • On the other hand, if you play the Travle game to learn more about geography, you can use three extra hints:

  • You can display the country's outline in the nearest location of the Start or End country.
  • You can make the map demonstrate the outline of all countries in the world.
  • You can make the first letters of all the country’s names visible by hovering or clicking on the outline/shape of the countries.
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