What Is Tridle?

If you are a big fan of word-guessing games, you will definitely know the origin of Tridle. It's the wordle game. It is an appealing title that involves players finding the correct hidden English word in the game. This phenomenon has become an endless inspiration for many puzzle game developers to release their versions. Among the variants, we bet that the Tridle game is one of the most prominent.

The Wordle game impresses players with its straightforward and interesting gameplay and graphics. Tridle inherits this simplicity but brings players more hardcore challenges.

The name "Tridle" means "Triple Wordles," so you will have to solve three Wordle games in one Tridle game. In other words, the number of hidden words you must find in Tridle is increased to 3, 2 more than that in the Wordle game. Ready to conquer new challenges?

How To Play The Tridle Game?

Since the Tridle game includes three hidden words for players to guess, it also has three grids to contain the secret words. Each grid will have 5 columns and 8 rows, which means that you will have 8 tries to figure out all the five-letter English words in the game.

You must fill the blank spaces with valid English words and press Enter to submit your answer. Only correctly spelled five-letter words are accepted in the Tridle game. Notably, one submitted word will be put in all three grids after you submit it to the system.

Remember that all guesses will be applied to all three grids, so do plan your strategy to submit the right words. Don't try to solve the grids separately. You should properly use your allowed guesses and focus more on the word having the most colored hints.

Hints In The Tridle Game

Three colors will guide you to get closer to the correct answer in the Tridle game:

  • The black color is for letters not contained in the secret word. Don't use these letters for your next guess.
  • The orange indicates letters used for the hidden word, but their positions should be altered from those in the guessed word.
  • Letters colored green are the perfect choices. You finish solving a grid when having a green word in it.
  • Note that a green letter in this grid can be a black or orange one in the others.

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