About Trordle

The name Trordle is a wordplay of “Triple” and “Wordle”, and this interesting combination is how the Trordle developers pay tribute to the original word-guessing game Wordle NYT. Being a variant of the world-famous game, this spin-off is also a word-guessing game, but some features are modified.

Specifically, Trordle challenges players with three hidden five-letter English words in a single game. Therefore, the difficulty is three times greater than the Wordle game's. Of course, you will have more allowed guesses in the Trordle game than in the original Wordle, eight times compared to six times.

Trordle Game Rules

In Trordle, players will have to fill their guess in three grids instead of one, like in the original version. Each grid will contain a separate secret word from the others.

Within 8 allowed guesses, players must precisely spot all three words to win the game. Hence, each guess will be applied to all three tables simultaneously. That’s why you should choose words with as many vowels as possible to filter out the possibilities quickly on all 3 grids.

Trordle Game Playing Tutorial & Tips

Although one guessed word will be filled in all three grids, the guessed word will come with different hints in each grid. You can understand the color hints as the following interpretations:

  • The gray color will appear in tiles containing letters unrelated to the secret words.
  • The yellow color indicates that the letters are included in the hidden words. Yet, players must change their positions in the subsequent guesses.
  • The green color is a sign of a completely accurate guess. If the square box goes green, it means that the letter in the box is located in the right position and is a part of the secret word.
  • When playing the Trordle game, you shouldn’t focus on solving the grid one by one. On the other hand, you should go for the one that includes the most yellow and green letters, then try to complete it first. The more green and yellow letters mean you are closer to the correct solution.

    What’s more, the Trordle game provides users with limitless games daily with the Free Trordle mode. For this reason, you don’t have to wait up to 24 hours to enjoy the exciting guessing game, like in the Wordle game.

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