What’s Turdle?

The Turdle game is a fun and quirky take on the incredibly famous word-guessing game Wordle. It takes on a completely different approach to challenging players, using frames and colors instead of words. This change adds a new layer of depth to the classic gameplay.

As you are eliminating all the possible combinations, you will begin to feel the fun of figuring out the correct pattern. The clown music also lessens the frustration when you fail and makes the game more light-hearted.

How To Play Turdle Game

As mentioned above, the Turdle game has a lot more depth than the classic wordle game. You don’t guess words, but the frames and color of a Turdle animation. Of course, you still get six tries to arrive at the correct answer.

There are five possible frames and five possible colors for the Turdle animation. However, there is no change to the order of the frames, as only the first frame is capable of change.

With each guess, the tiles will change color to tell you how close your guess is. If you guess a frame and a color correctly, the tile will turn green. If the color is correct but the frame is wrong, the tile becomes yellow. Finally, if the color is wrong, then the tile is grayed out.

When you use up all the tries, you get a window showing all your statistics solving this challenge. It tells you your success rate, your current streak, and your best ever streak. You can then either share this stat with your friends or save it to another device to boast later.

Tips To Playing Turdle

The first tip is to never use the same color twice in your first guess. Due to the nature of statistics, if you use all unique choices for the first try, there is a higher chance of getting something right. Once you know which color is correct, you can figure out the proper animation. From then on, you can start to work toward the correct answer.

The second tip is to remember that the animation always follows one single pattern. For this reason, once you have determined the correct position for one frame, you can deduce the rest easily.

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