About TVdle

We bet you can guess what this game is about by the title. That's right! It is a word puzzle game about TV shows and series, perfect for movie and show fans out there!

Enter the realm of TVdle, a captivating and aesthetically stunning game that tests your knowledge of TV shows in a time-sensitive setting. TVdle, which takes its cue from the well-known word-guessing game, adds a distinctive twist by displaying an obscured picture of a TV program.

Your daily TV show knowledge is put to the test with TVdle, which provides a brand-new challenge every day. Playing this game will make you more adept at identifying memorable TV episodes and scenes.

Prepare to hone your recognition of legendary programs and standout scenes from the broad realm of television. TVdle offers countless hours of enjoyment for all viewers, regardless of how ardent a fan you are.

How To Play TVdle Game: A Step-By-Step Guide

The gameplay of TVdle is quite simple. You will have 6 guesses and 20 seconds to identify the title of a television show. Prepare for some entertaining guessing as we go over how to play!

  • Step 1: Press the START icon to begin the game.
  • Step 2: The tiles on the image will slowly disappear, revealing the whole picture behind. Your job is to identify the show as quickly as possible.
  • Step 3: Once you have an answer in mind, select the button titled "Guess" to stop the timer. Then, write your answer in the box below the picture. The goal here is to give the answer within 20 seconds.
  • Note: How to tell if you have made a wrong guess?

    Suppose your answer is incorrect; it will disappear once you hit the "Guess" button. This indicates that this is not the answer to today's puzzle. Then, a button saying "Back to the game" will show up on the screen. Hit it, and the timer will continue counting.

    This also applies when you don't know the answer. Just click on the "I don't know" button. Hit "Back to the game," and the game will continue. When the time is up, and you haven't got the answer, you're lost.

    Every day, you will have a new puzzle to solve, just like some variations of the wordle game. This guarantees a continuous level of excitement, keeping players on edge for the next challenge to come.

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