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Twisty Words is a hard-to-play game because you use all your vocabulary to find all keywords. The answers you must fill are a variety of letters—the shortest with 3 and the longest with up to 6 letters.

The game hasn't timed levels, so you won't get pressured while guessing. This is an advantage because the number of keywords is more (possibly up to over 20 words). You can even use hints if you need support with a difficult word.

Great Experience with Twisty Words

This word game won’t make you disappointed because of its outstanding features:

Unique gameplay style: Twisty Words is a familiar anagram game that requires players to arrange the available characters to form various letter words. Playing it will bring back a sense of nostalgia and a refreshing feel.

A huge number of scrambled words: Parents seem to like this because children will likely learn a lot of new vocabulary when they dive into thousands of must-rearrange words.

Combination of simplicity with challenge: Twisty Words has simple yet challenging gameplay, which helps players conveniently access all skill levels and enjoy guessing a vast collection of scrambled words.

Guide on Winning Twisty Words

You'll receive 6 scramble letters when clicking "Play." On the top, there are squares that you must fill with the words. The number of cells is various and corresponds to how many letters you need to enter.

Because it doesn't have a timer or a limited number of guesses, you can comfortably give all the answers you can think of. Then, use the support tools in the game to optimize your guess.

  • Mix: It is under the line of letters; you can use it when you aren't finding a new word to enter. Fortunately, after mixing available letters, you can even see the answers.
  • Hint: It is a "Bulb" icon. When clicking, it'll give you the first character. You have no trade-off to get these hints, but you only use it 5 times.
  • It forces you to fill full squares to be able to play the next round. In case you are out of thought, you can choose "End Round" to finish the round and replay if desired.

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