Twordsy: Double The Puzzles, Double the Fun!

Twordsy is inspired by wordle - the most viral word-guessing game in recent years. But brace yourself for the twist! It introduces a few custom features to bring a whole new level of excitement to players and build its community.

You can get used to its game rules easily while still feeling excited about new things. Trust us, you are in for a fun ride. Let's dive into the game rules, and join this thrilling adventure together!

How To Play Twordsy Game

Twordsy displays two grids on the same screen. Your goal is to figure out a pair of 5-letter words. The main interface is split into two sections that operate independently.

However, the two hidden terms have a close connection in some ways in terms of meaning, category, or word association. For example, consider "BEACH" and "SHELLS," "CREPT" and "SNUCK," "BRAIN" and "LIVER." Can you see the pattern?

There are a total of 10 attempts to nail both parts. You must work through each part sequentially; each guess counts as one turn. Victory awaits only when you unlock both secret keywords within the specified number of moves.

Suppose you are up for the challenge; access Practice Mode by tapping the Dumbbell icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Unfortunately, it is a bummer that you only have one game per day in this mode and also in the Daily Challenge. Come back at midnight local time for new updates and put your vocabulary skills to the test again!

Understand The Hints

After each guess, the current row transforms like magic to provide hints for the following tries. Like other spin-offs, the game uses three colors - blue, orange, and gray - to guide you toward the correct answer.

  • If the tile turns blue, you are on the right track. Keep up the good work!
  • The orange suggests rearranging the character's position to get closer to the correct answer.
  • Gray, on the other hand, signals that the character does not belong to the secret words. Better luck next time!
  • Once you find yourself stuck in a dead end, hit the question mark symbol under the grids. One correct character will pop up on the screen without reducing your turn count.

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