What Is The UnWordle Game?

If there were a list of the top famous puzzle games, the Wordle game would come out on top due to its compelling gameplay, simply designed graphics, and excellent compatibility with almost every device. From the prominent success of this phenomenon, a lot of spin-offs have been released to the public.

While most variants feature the same guessing gameplay as the original, the UnWordle game decides to go on a sole path by forcing players to play the Wordle game backward. Have a closer look at the gameplay!

Playing Tutorial Of The UnWordle Game

In the original Wordle game, you will have a blank grid with 6 rows and 5 columns, equivalent to 6 times players are allowed to guess a hidden five-letter English word in the game. However, in the UnWordle game, the solution word and colored hints are all given in advance.

Moreover, you have only three tries to play the game. Generally speaking, in this reverse version, players will have three guesses to pinpoint the precise steps leading to the solution words.

With a correct secret word given in advance and some colored squares placed in the rows, you must put letters in the colored spots so that the letters will match the consequences of the game.

For instance, as you can see, the first four square boxes of the first row are colored gray, so you must find a word containing the first four letters not related to the solution word “THETA.” Besides, the last spot of the first row is colored yellow, which means that the letter in that spot is also included in the word “THETA,” but not in that position.

The word “POINT” will satisfy all the requirements of the game with letters “P, O, I, N” not included in the word “THETA,” while the “T” letter is contained in the secret word but is misplaced.

In the row with the green spot, you must fill it with the exact letter as it appears in the solution word. Therefore, a valid guessed word in the third row must have the letter “E” in the middle.

Game Modes In The UnWordle Game

You will have three different game modes in the UnWordle game:

  • The daily mode allows you to play one UnWordle game daily, like the original Wordle game.
  • The Unlimited game mode offers you unlimited play times.
  • The Builder mode is to create your own UnWordle puzzle, then share the game to challenge your friends.
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