Versle Introduction

Inspired by the wildly popular word-guessing wordle game, Versle takes its fun core gameplay and applies it to the world of the Bible. As a result, it challenges you to a daily special puzzle that requires you to spend five attempts guessing a daily Bible verse.

However, you will be sorely mistaken if you believe Versle to be just another Wordle game. Its main job is to deepen your understanding of the Bible and foster a sense of community among scripture lovers around the world.

With intuitive gameplay, integrated community features, and daily challenges, Versle promises a rewarding and enriching experience for all who embark on this biblical quest.

How To Play Versle Game

Versle follows a structure similar to its inspiration, the Wordle game. When a new day dawns, a new Bible verse is chosen as the answer. Players then have five tries to guess the book name, the chapter, and the verse number.

With each guess the player puts in, Versle will provide color-coded hints to make your subsequent attempts more successful. The color-coding system works on a green-yellow-black color scheme.

Click on the Choose Book button and select a random name. When the book name turns green, you’ve guessed the right one. Otherwise, it remains black. If the numbers are the same as the secret verse, you get green. If they appear somewhere in the book, just not the spot that you guess, you get yellow. The numbers will still be in black if they are the wrong ones.

Tips To Play Versle

You must always remember that Versle isn’t about racking up wins but enriching your knowledge of the Bible. That is why when you play, you will see a humongous range of Bible verses, both obscure and familiar. In these cases, you should spend some time reading the verses in that Bible book, not just scanning through it.

Of course, you should also spend some time familiarizing yourself again with the standard format for Bible references. Remember that they always follow this format: Book Chapter:Verse. Versle primarily uses the Bible’s King James Version. This information can cut down on a lot of guesswork.


Versle offers an engaging and unique way to learn more about the Bible. It also allows you to test your knowledge and connect with a close-knit community full of fellow scripture enthusiasts. That is why, no matter who you are, Versle should be the perfect online word-guessing game for you.

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