What is The Wardle Game?

Wardle is a unique game that challenges your knowledge of UK Local Authorities. Hosted on wordlewebsite.com, it invites players to guess the correct UK Local Authority within six attempts.

Unlike wordle, where the challenge involves general vocabulary, Wardle adds a geographical twist with location clues. The words you guess aren't random; they represent actual areas, turning Wardle into an educational gaming experience.

After each guess, players receive essential feedback on their guess's distance, direction, and proximity to the target area. So, while both Wardle and Wordle share the concept of uncovering a hidden word in six tries, Wardle's focus on UK geography and real-world locations makes it a distinctive and engaging game.

How to Play Wardle

Your mission is clear - identify the target UK Local Authority within six attempts.

Valid UK Local Authority Names Only

Enter your first guess - a valid UK Local Authority name. Remember, accuracy is key!

Feedback After Each Guess

  • Distance: The game tells you how far your guess is from the middle of the target area. For example, if you guess "CHILE," it's 13,557 kilometers away from where you should be.
  • Direction: The game shows which way your guess is from the target area. So, if you say "CHILE," the target is in the North-East direction.
  • Proximity: This tells you how close your guess is to the target area. If you guess "CHILE," and it's only 32% close, it means it's pretty far from the right answer.
  • Strategizing Your Next Move

    Analyze the clues meticulously. Use the distance and direction in conjunction with the proximity to formulate your next guess. Remember, you only have six attempts!

    Claiming Victory

    Achieve a perfect match to the target area, and you'll be greeted with a celebration emoji and a 100% proximity confirmation.

    Tips to Play Wardle Game

  • Start Broad, Refine Later: Begin with broader guesses covering larger areas, gradually narrowing down your search based on the clues.
  • Embrace Elimination: If a direction consistently points away from your guesses, eliminate entire regions from your map.
  • Think Logically: Analyze the distance and proximity hints together. A high proximity with a large distance implies you're in the right general area but need to adjust your direction.
  • Learn from Every Attempt: Each guess, even an incorrect one, provides valuable information. Use it to improve your approach in the next game.
  • Expand Your Knowledge: Brush up on your UK geography! Knowing about different regions and their relative locations will give you an edge.
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